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History (credit to Wikizilla)

'Wikizilla was founded by user Danielwang on July 22, 2005, and was hosted by, focusing on Godzilla and King Kong films. Over time, Gamera articles were also created, and eventually several non-Toho monsters appeared. Most of the non-Toho, Gamera and non-Godzilla articles were removed in early 2013 so that a general cleanup could take place, but they were gradually reinstated from 2014 onward, as Wikizilla absorbed the Gamera and King Kong wikis. In addition to these franchises, Wikizilla introduced pages for more obscure giant monsters that lacked an established series of their own, such as Gappa, Guilala and Gorgo. In July 2016, Wikizilla became independent from Wikia and received a new home at The new Wikizilla was founded by Titanollante, who had been a user on the original Wikizilla since January 25, 2011. The decision to become independent from Wikia was made when the community came to the consensus that it desired greater freedom following the implementation of various policies and changes by Wikia that were considered detrimental to the site. Following the founding of the new site, the original site was re-christened Kaijupedia in order to distinguish it from the new Wikizilla. Only 47 days after the establishment of Kaijupedia, Wikia began restoring it to its former condition, including the reversion of the name change. On June 15, 2017, it was renamed to Gojipedia.'

Wikizilla history

Why exists (credit to Titanollante)

"The creation of was so that Wikizilla, the Godzilla wiki, was no longer bound by Wikia's restrictions and to give it fresh start in order for Wikizilla to become a more credible/respected website + distance it from its less-than-admirable beginnings. Being an independent wiki, we have complete freedom with extensions, customization, improving tremendously upon Wikia's horrific mobile skin, and also we have no intrusive/irrelevant ads and Fandom articles to pester the reading experience.

The reason for turning the Godzilla Wikia to "Kaijupedia" before we announced this site was to bring attention to the new site and point out the differences between them immediately. Unless you are blind, you can compare any 2 pages on Wikizilla and the Godzilla Wikia and it is blatantly obvious that's pages are superior to the Wikia's. There is no reason for there to be 2 competing Godzilla wikis, and we think that it's better for the Godzilla wiki to be independent from Wikia. However, despite our efforts, Wikia renamed Kaijupedia back to "Wikizilla" purposefully to bury us in search engine ranking so that they can make more money, since a non-Wikia wiki surpassing the Wikia version poses a threat to Wikia's ad revenue. (You think I'm exaggerating or making this up? It's a fact, so much so that it's a cite-able one.) Essentially, Wikia (a for-profit company) has a monopolistic mindset of "if you don't agree with policies we enact, then just quit--if you want to set up your own independent wiki we will try to bury you and drive you down" or more succinctly, "either live with our changes or quit." Wikia is a rapacious company that makes profit off volunteers' work, with no thought given to what the communities they host want or giving them any freedom in any meaningful area--Wikia's only purpose through its updates is to make money, and no update they push down any wiki's throats is to make these wikis better. This is why they completely plaster wikias' pages with intrusive advertising that destroy the reading experience and severely bog down loading times, and why they forced the clickbait-y and useless FANDOM articles onto the sidebar and footer of every single wikia. You don't see other wiki farm / wiki host like Gamepedia or ShoutWiki or WikiDot do this, and that's why they're better. The problem is, Wikia really has the monopoly on making a wiki quickly and easily.

The difference in content quality between Wikizilla and the Godzilla Wikia arises from the fact that, unlike the Godzilla Wikia, Wikizilla has a dedicated staff and community that actually know stuff about Godzilla, have access to books and movies and comics and TV shows and so on, and really do want to work together to create the most comprehensive source of Godzilla knowledge. The staff that used to be on the Wikia and worked to improve it from the garbage it used to be (this is coming from a Wikizilla user from as early as 2011--Wikizilla did use to be complete trash even as we were launching came here and left the old site behind, resulting in the Wikia not progressing much in terms of the actual addition of legitimate content. Here too I would like to thank the head administrator of the Wikia, as they have made an admirable decision which seems to continue to this day of not allowing users to copy-paste content that we work hard to write here on Wikizilla onto the Wikia. This exponentially increases the divide in quality from the 2 sites.

I don't understand why someone would want to be on the Wikia instead of here. Despite anyone's best efforts, it's impossible for just 1 or 2 people to keep up maintaining the Godzilla Wikia given how far it's fallen."



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