Triassic iceman is Youtuber that makes dumb Godzilla videos


Triassic Iceman makes weird Kaiju explained videos by using the articles from the failed site Gojipedia as his script. He also makes what if videos about Godzilla and other kaiju and suggest that's the kaiju can destroy earth and sank the Titanic. Recently he has been obsessed with "Thicc Kaiju anime Girls" and acting like an ape infront of a Godzilla figure. Originally, he did videos of Dinosaurs having sex and videos about his collection but stopped. He also does videos where he drinks vodka while working out


Triassic Iceman usually makes his voice sound like a drunk persons.On his facebook he claims to be a scientist.


  • Triassic iceman uses the Hobbit village theme in most of his videos
  • His theorys are mindless and have no evidence or supporting details to back them up
  • There is a possibility that Iceman is supporting the Kaiju Girl project
  • Its obvious he wanks it to Hentai on the internet because he cant get a real girlfriend. (his right hand is his girlfriend)
  • Triassic iceman thinks nukes were around in the year 1910