The loud house fandom is probbaly one of the most if not the most cringy fanbase on the internet. This is mainly due to their apparent obssesion with Grief art.


The Loud House fanbase is sick and twisted as it is obsessed with seeing lincoln either getting the shit beat out of him or commiting incest with his 10 sisters. Nearly all the fanart consits of lincoln or one of his 10 sisters being in a terrible accident or being picked on by bullies. Then their fanfiction has lincoln either being sent to the ER after a beat down from his sisters or getting mauled by an alligator. Despiste making all this disurbing fan art the fandom is offended by the episode "No Such Luck" because its "mean" and offensive. In one fan fiction that has the Loud's appear in a wacky version of Godzilla final wars, Lincoln is somehow chosen by the original Godzilla and given the ability to transform into kaiju. In the fan fiction, Lincoln hits his sister lori and then his younger sister Lola.

Examples of the Fandom's weirdness

The loud house AS bikini

The loud house AS bikini

Example of the weirdness of this fandom