Shingodzilla vs godzilla 2014

In 2016 when Shingodzilla came out, fans of the 2014 film went nuts and a huge arguement of which film was better lasted for months. Most in the fandom thought the whole fandom was going to explode.

The event

Gojira5400 is most likely the one who started the whole debate. His videos are usually biased against all Japanese Godzilla films and only praise the 2014 film. These videos set the fuse for the crazier younger Godzilla fans and they began arguing and attacking each other. Then Dman1954, Nerfman, and Luis Duran got involved and the whole issue spiraled out of control from there. Everyone was obsessed over These three for a long time. Luis Duran was blasted by everyone for apparently hacking Nerfman and everyone obsessed over Nerfman because they thought he mated with the user Catmoth. Dman1954 tried acting as a mediator but got taken to a side. The hashtag #Dumboduran was started because of this. Even though these issues were brought upon them by themselves the blame all of this for Gojifan1993 leaving.