ThatGodzillaGuy is the creator of twisted Kaiju theater and Daikaiju Academy.


ThatGodzillaGuy is a liberal that uses Godzilla as his own character to sell coffe and soap and to promote his leftist progressive viewpoint. He was later given a warning by Toho to stop selling Godzilla as his character. His twisted Kaiju series was a webcomic he made with his Godzilla collection and usually ended up just being poop jokes. His Daikaiju academy series new is very similar to alexthehunted Kaiju Girls except it has a bigger fan base and ThatGodzillaGuy tried to sue the people for making it despite asking them to make it. He also contradicts himself like when he made an anti-islamophobia image but had previously made a image showing Godzilla as a Muslim eating pork. This means he can't even stay true to his supposed SJW values.