Mr. Bendy formerly Dr Bendypuff 27 is an immature youtube kid that hates SpammingMonkey.


Mr Bendy mostly hates on Spammingmoneky and says "Emmerich sucks Whale dick." He also thinks Cthulhu is a Godzilla incarnation for some reason. He claims he knows everything about Godzilla when he doesn't and is just some stupid spammer troll user. Dr Bendypuff fails at spelling, like when he spells the word better as "batter," but for some strange reason he can spell Steven Spielberg perfectly He often uses the talking Tom apps to make fun of Spammingmonkey, but they just make him look like an idiot. He also has a serious hatred for Zilla and Godzilla 1998 despite obviously not seeing either Godzilla 1998 or Godzilla: Final Wars. After leaving YouTube for a short while, Bendypuff made his return, this time ditching the 27 part of his username. However, he still falls for SpammingMonkeys weak trolling tactics and is still an idiot. In 2018 he created a hate page on google plus where he post stupid memes about Kaiju Girls. Due to his immaturity the anti-Kaiju Girls movement was destroyed in order to prevent anyone from assuming he was affiliated with the cause.


Mr Bendy has a know-it-all personality and thinks he's making an impact through his dumb videos. However, he could just be doing this to gain popularity thinking that by hating Godzilla 1998 and Roland Emmerich that he will be accepted into the community. He also appears to be not intelligent as he keeps making dumb videos about spammingmonkey, despite no one liking them.


  • He makes tons of videos about SpammingMonkey.
  • He doesn't know anything about the Godzilla franchise
  • He thinks he is being funny when he is just acting like a fool
  • Dr Bendypuff reads articles from Gojipedia, this may be why he's such an idiot.
  • Bendypuff makes tons of hate groups on Google Plus.

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