Logan Paul is an Immature man child that hates Japanese people and has a serious sociopath problem.


Logan Paul makes a weekly vlog for his 15 million subscribers usually of him planking his brother jake Paul or faking his death in front of his own fans. One time Logan Paul and Jake Paul got themselves deported from Italy for jumping into a river that is forbidden by law not to swim in. An on twitter he makes fun of asians and black and how the fruit they eat determines the size of their genitals. However, his biggest and most disgusting thing Logan the ass has done is film a dead mans body in the Japanese suicide forest. Instead of cutting the camera and paying his respect, Logan Paul laughed and the dead person and went up to him and filmed the poor individuals hands. Later he was met by authorities that told him he broke the law for going of trail and deliberatelay finding the body. Logan Paul then posted the video on youtube for his 15 million mindless fans most of who are kids. The worst part of this is that youtube never did anything despite what Logan did had broken several of their policy', he had to take it down himself. Then youtube attacked people who attacked and shamed Logan for his actions. Then in his older blogs Logan harassed Japanese pedestrians and law informant by jumpin on vehicles and chasing them with a dead fish and tentacle. He then dressed as a Pokémon and futher harassed people by throwing pokeballs at them. Then he disrespected a sacred temple.