SpammingmonkeyGojipediaIsShitIMG 5653 or Gojipedia is a wikia domain dominated by Project Predacon and her goons under the command of Sannse.


Gojipedia is similar to a clickbait site as it pretends to be a Godzilla information database when in reality it is not. The site has allowed people to make fales articles such as "Godzilla 2000 has icebreath that freezes his dorsal plates." They also allow fan content to stay on the site for hours before deleting it. All of the admins on the site don't know anything about Godzilla and make up fan names such as "Godzilla design (2016 film)." The site also let three pictures of a vagina stay on the site for 6 hours.


Gojipedia's web adress was originally the home of Wikizilla before the head admins left to make Wikizilla a non-profit site. The admins renamed to site to Kaijupedia to help distinguish the site from, but Sannse changed it back and made the site wear the old wikizilla skin in hopes the new site would be overshadowed by the old one and die off. This earned the site its nickname "Wikiazilla." After a long standoff between the two sites sannse finally let the site be renamed to Gojipedia. On August 22, 2017, Gojipedia's incompetent admin gave the horrible site a YouTube page.

List of the sites Names

  • Godzilla Wikia
  • Godzilla Wiki
  • Gojipedia
  • Kaijupedia
  • Monsterpedia
  • Godzilla Wikia - Fandom
  • Gojipedia|Fandom powered by Wikia
  • Gojipedia | FANDOM powered by Wikia - Godzilla Wiki